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The concept of rice burgers originated from Japan. After its introduction, it exploded in popularity across Asia as an alternative to traditional hamburgers. We, at Rice Burger, are excited to share with you our take on this Japanese classic!

Friends since 13 years old, founders Austin and Jackson always grew up dreaming about how they would, one day, start up a business together. Fast forward 10 years in November of 2016, with only a cellphone and a rented kitchen, Rice Burger delivery service was created.

From each rice bun being individually hand-pressed to sauces and marinades made from scratch, we truly believe that our customers can see and taste the difference in the effort we put into our food... And we were right.

Our service blew up in popularity and we quickly outgrew our rented kitchen. We knew that the next logical step was to open our very own brick and mortar store, and on September 7th 2017, the first Rice Burger establishment was officially open.

Everyday, our mission is still to serve affordable and high quality products that will leave you craving more. As we say, "The rice is so nice, you gotta have it twice!"

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Our Chefs

Charles Davis

Head Chef

Vincent Green

Sous Chef

Samuel Sims

Restaurant Manager

David Butler

Pasta Expert

Looking For Management Interns

Restaurant Amenities

Free WiFi

Smoking Zone

Live Music


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- Shamika Smith​

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